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History of the company

The family buisiness Vermeulen R. BVBA was founded in August 1978 by the present business manager Rudi Vermeulen.

Vervoer Vermeulen in the begining! He started with a truck and trailer. In those days, mostly sea-containers were distributed from Zeebrugge to the different destinations.

By spreading the word, Rudi came in contact with more people and more merchandise were distributed. The amount of clients rose from day to day.

After a couple a years, the data base of clients had rissen so much that it had become impossible for Rudi to distribute everything on his own. A second truck was bought, and a first driver was hired.

The company kept on expanding. Now, we own a car-lot of 5 trucks and 15 trailers. We are capable of distributing a great diversity off merchandise, as there are merchandise on palettes or machinery.

One of our specialities is distributing large pieces, which cannot be divided. There is no thing too large, too high, too wide or too heavy for transport Vermeulen.

We own different sorts of trailers (flat ones, tautliners, or deep-loaders) in order to be capable of performing different kinds of distributing.

Besides all this, we also own two cars with cranes, in order to perform assembly our self, or to load or unload machinery.

We also have 2 fork-lifts who can be transported to move, load or unload machinery.

Our team, that collects or delivers your merchandise in whole Europe, now consists of business manager Rudi and son Jurgen vermeulen, together with 4 enthousiastic drivers. We are ready 24 hours on 24 to offer you the best service possible.

Because of modern means of communication in our vehicles, eg; cellular-phones, it is possible to inform you at any hour of the day where our driver is located with your goods. That way you can make the necessary adjustmets to insure a good course in your company.

The new car-lot is maintaned as much as possible by Rudi and Jurgen in a specially designed workplace. A big breakdown is repaired by a mechanic. Every weekend all the cars are checked, so a breakdown when we are on the route is virtually impossible. And if something should happen, we have our own service car and (in case of a serious breakdown) we are subscribed in EURO SERVICE. Our cars should be on the road again in notime. As you have noticed, our team is ready to serve you!!

Vervoer Vermeulen now! You have had the chanche to know us better, now feel free to look around on this site and you will see some examples out of the real life.


The business managers,
Rudi Vermeulen
Jurgen Vermeulen

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